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After a thousand years of a fragile peace, clues showing that the war between Gods, Humans and Demons, that was once responsible for an unspeakable destruction, could have started to appear. As troubling events happen, rumors rise about mysterious and evil forces coming back to life. What could have possibly happened to Ymir, that God supposed to maintain peace over the world ?

After the long and gruesome war between God, Humans, and Demons... Scarred during the dangerous moments in battle, and avoiding total destruction altogether, the Humans, God and Demons entered a long truce.

The 1000 years of fragile and forged peace...

In the land of Midgard, the existence of peace eventually led the humans to erase their memories of the scars and hardships of the wars in the past. Not remembering the faults of the past, culture was spreading throughout the land along with selfishness, corruption, and arrogance.

Then one day, strange occurrences started happening, breaking the balance that once existed in Midgard. There came a strange howl from the boundaries that divided the humans, God, and demons; creatures began attacking; increasing earthquakes and hail - and...

The mysterious legend of demons...

As the fragile peace began to fall apart, stories about the parts of Ymir, protecting the peace, began to spread among the adventurers. Forgetting the true nature of it, people set out to seek each of the pieces for their own selfishness, and the wealth that would come with it...

Experience Points and Characteristics

The player portrays a character living in the Rune Midgard kingdom, taking part in the war between monsters and Humans. From the very beginning of his adventure, he allocates a fixed amount of points among the six basic characteristics, which are strength, agility, intelligence, dexterity, vitality and luck.

Every monster killed grants the player experience points which will help him to get a « base » level and a « job » level, each one of them having its specific role in the character evolution.

Battling and questing along with other players, he will then acquire new skills and improve his characteristics to become an expert.

Character classes

One of the most interesting features about Ragnarok Online is the wide range of classes that can be picked. While all new adventurers start as Novices, they will soon have to choose their path among a dozen of jobs, such as swordman, magician, archer, thief...

This decision is of paramount importance since it will determine the character gameplay, his techniques and skills, as well as how the player should allocate the statistic points. As an example, to be efficient, a magician should focus on intelligence rather than on physical strength.

As the player progresses, he will be able to turn into a more powerful class, with two different choices for every base job, giving the player tens of ways to customize his hero. Globally speaking, there are more than 30 classes available, and as many play styles!

Ragnarok Online is an absolutely free MMORPG: you may play as much as you want without any limitation! All you have to do is creating a account and download the game client. An email with your login details will be sent to confirm your account. Once the game is downloaded, you will be able to play it without any subscription or time limitation!

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Technical Requirements

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000

DirectX 8.1

Intel Pentium III 1,5 GHz

RAM 512 Mb

Graphic card 16Mo with 3D acceleration

Screen resolution minimum 800x600

Sound card compatible with DirectX

Keyboard, mouse, communication equipment (microphone or headset)

1,7 Gb free space on HDD

ADSL 128k+ Internet connection


BattleSpace is a sci-fi flash game designed to play in the comfort of your web browser. In this free online strategy game, you step into the role of an Admiral, building a solar system in the depths of a faraway galaxy. Every player starts in their own 'Union', or guild, with the option of banding together and creating an interstellar empire.

Play solo, PvE, PvP, as a combatant or gatherer—or all of the above! The options are limitless once you entire deep space. The ultimate goal is to conquer the Giant Planet before the season's ends, but with so many ways of getting there, BattleSpace tailors to all playstyles.

Technical Requirements

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The next generation Action Game

The next generation action game Dragon Nest perfectly applies the ZQSD-mouse combo. This is a traditional control system for first-person games that provides ease of control and fluid movement. The game actions have been carefully designed to take into account certain parameters such as character movement, monster reaction, and interaction with the geographic environment. Players can use it to good effect, launching combos of dynamic attacks against monsters using the keyboard and mouse.

Kawaii design, puzzles for everyone

Inside traditional levels, you enter a combat zone to repulse monsters, sweep the map, and advance through the game. Dragon Nest's levels are designed with puzzles the player has to solve before continuing the game. Sometimes, to solve the puzzles you have to open certain doors or activate specific devices or equipment, a technique that recalls those used on console adventure games.

Technical Requirements


Pentium4 2.0GHz

Windows XP

RAM : 1 Gb or more

Geforce 6600GT 128Mo

HDD : 3Go

Graphic card compatibl with DirectX ® 9