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What can I do on Gravity Gateway?

Gravity Gateway is the one and only portal where you can find all games published by Gravity and manage all your game accounts within a single platform. This unique place allows you to administrate with much simplicity all your game accounts and easily credit your Karats wallet.

What are the differences between the global Gravity Gateway account and game accounts?

Gravity Gateway features two types of accounts:

  • Your global Gravity Gateway account

    • You need one in order to play all our games and purchase Karats
    • When linked with your game accounts, it allows you to have a global view upon all your game accounts, manage your subscriptions, get access to your invoices and personal data.
    • It allows you to buy subscriptions for your games and enjoy the “Premium” status’ advantages*.

    *As an example, on Ragnarök Online, the Premium Service grants you more experience, increases your item loot chances and improves your storage capacity, among other benefits. For more information, read our dedicated page: Premium Service.

  • Your game accounts

    • Each game account is related to a specific Gravity-published game.
    • In order to create a game account, you must own a global Gravity Gateway account. In case you don’t have one, you can create yours for free by following this link:
      Create a global account

    • Once your Gravity Gateway account is credited with Karats, all the game accounts linked may use this wallet and purchase virtual items in the online shops from Gravity Europe games. You may also spend Karats to get Premium Service time on your game dedicated website.

Where and how can I use my Karats?

You may spend your Karats to:

  • Purchase “Premium Service” time (5, 10 or 30 days plans) on your game dedicated website.
  • Pay for special game-specific services (ex: name change, gender change...)
  • Purchase virtual items in the online shops from Gravity Europe games. As an example, you may access the Ragnarok Online iShop by clicking here.