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Karats is a currency you can redeem to access multiple services in our games to enhance your game comfort and experience. They can also be used to purchase a wide range of items in our item shops (iShop): consumables, exclusive equipment to strengthen your characters, ease their evolution or customize their look.

How to get Karats

There two easy ways to obtain Karats:

  • Purchasing them
    Depending on the payment means, you can buy your Karats in batches of 150 to 10,000.
  • Winning them
    Through several games or contests organized on forums or on the website.

Your Karats wallet is shared between all game accounts linked to your Gravity account.

How can Karats be used ?

  • For your subscriptions
    Go into the Premium Service section of your game dedicated website and choose the length of subscription you want. Then, follow the instructions.
  • To enable services
    Go on your game dedicated website to find out all the special services available. Choose the one you want to enable, follow the instructions to purchase it and more important, do not forget to activate it in your Account management section!
  • To obtain equipments and consumables
    Go into your game item shop (iShop) and have a look at the lists of available items. Put everything you need in your basket and buy with your Karats! You will also get to enter our Miles loyalty program to be rewarded for your purchases